The Cost of Liberté

A country that epitomized Secularism and Liberty in the heart of Europe. A society that accepted Millions of Immigrants and Refugees for Decades. A Nation known for its liberal past. That Nation, France, has now fallen. It has fallen to the dark side of the Liberal Secular values. It has fallen to the Islamists and Leftists.

The recent riots and hooliganism in France started with the killing of a 17-year-old boy with a criminal record, who happened to be a Muslim. After that, the riots, looting, and Arson spread throughout the country and especially in the cities of France.

France has a huge problem with illegal immigration as well as legal immigration with ‘separatist’ tendencies. Now, let us first understand the term separatist used in the French context. In France, separatist tendencies are largely referred to as not assimilating into French culture. Language, food, sports, etc. This assimilation process in France has a long tradition, stretching itself back to the French Revolution of 1789. After that revolution, The Jews in France, who were persecuted before, got almost equal rights, which continued later with Napoleon and then subsequent rulers. The current inflow of Muslim immigrants is refusing to assimilate and insists on maintaining a ‘separate’ identity, hence the separatist tendencies.

The story of the European as well as French immigration crisis can be understood through books like, The Death of Europe by Douglas Murray and Prey: Immigration, Islam and the Erosion of Women’s Rights by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ayaan in her book specifically talks about ‘no-go Areas’ in cities like Paris where the Muslims are in the majority, where Sharia is enforced unofficially. This description is eerily similar to an Indian CM who called them Muslim areas. Of course, the Indian CM of WB was referring to it in a completely positive way, unlike Ayaan…


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