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  • Advanced Astronomy in Ancient India

    Advanced Astronomy in Ancient India

    I have previously debunked the claims of Surya Siddhanta being a primary source for the beginning of Kali Yuga in 3102 BCE in my book “Yuganta-The Advent of Kali Yuga”. In this article, I hope to throw light on Indian astronomy’s mind-blowing knowledge of the universe and accuracy using the evidence of the Surya Siddhanta–possibly…

  • Aurangzeb as he was.

    Aurangzeb as he was.

    “The Great Mogol is a foreigner in Hindoustan. To maintain himself in such a country he is under the necessity of keeping up numerous armies, even in the time of peace.”– Francois BernierSome still consider Aurangzeb as the greatest emperor of the time. Displaying his paintings in public, chanting of his name out is still…

  • The Cost of Liberté

    The Cost of Liberté

    A country that epitomized Secularism and Liberty in the heart of Europe. A society that accepted Millions of Immigrants and Refugees for Decades. A Nation known for its liberal past. That Nation, France, has now fallen. It has fallen to the dark side of the Liberal Secular values. It has fallen to the Islamists and…

  • Where “Pride” is Dealt with Theological Tools.

    Where “Pride” is Dealt with Theological Tools.

    The LGBTQ movement has generated opposition to itself from around the world. In this opposition, “the principle of enemy’s enemy is my friend” is often applied even when it is not warranted. In recent times, i.e., in June 2023, we have seen a lot of opposition to the woke, LGBTQ ideology in the US, by…

  • Brushstrokes of Divinity: Delving into Raja Ravi Varma’s Transcendent Artistry

    Brushstrokes of Divinity: Delving into Raja Ravi Varma’s Transcendent Artistry

    Art, with its mesmerizing blend of creativity and expression, holds a profound significance in our world. As a timeless form of human communication, art transcends boundaries, cultures, and languages, resonating with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Be it paintings like “Mona Lisa” by da Vinci or musical compositions like “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven, art serves as…

  • Know Your Pakistan.

    Know Your Pakistan.

    Pakistan was created for Muslims of India who wanted a pure Islamic country for themselves. The premise of Pakistan, the reason for existence of Pakistan is that Muslims of India did not want any Hindus or Hindu influences and cheerfully voted for splitting India into Islamic and non Islamic parts. The slogan for Pakistan was…